Cabpay Card

CabPay Card

CabPay Card is a fee-free, prepaid debit card available exclusively to all London Taxi drivers.

This card has absolutely no cost to the driver whatsoever, it offers 1% cash back on all purchases and up to 10% cash back from selected taxi retailers.

If you receive an offer of a Premium Card that is because you are in the top 15% of our customers and will receive additional benefits.

CabPay Card is a great way for drivers to manage their business, reduce their expenses and earn rewards through our Transaction Volume Rebate Scheme.

Contracted CabPay Pro customers averaging over 100 transactions a month will be rewarded with 0.2% of their monthly transactions as rebates while CabPay Pro customers on PAYG will be rewarded with 0.1% of their monthly transactions in rebates.

Rebates will be paid directly onto your CabPay Card at the end of each month. You MUST have a CabPay Card in order to receive rebates.

Why Use CabPay Card?

  1. Earn 1% cash back on all purchases.
  2. If you spend £10,000.00 annually on fuel, you will save £100.00 if you pay using your CabPay Card.
  3. If you pay your taxi rent (approx. £12,500.00 annually) on the CabPay Card, you will save £125.00.
  4. If you process £2,500.00 per month and have a Pro contract, you will be rewarded with a 0.2% rebate equal to £60.00 annually. Rebates are paid directly to the CabPay Card.
  5. If you have reached the £1,500.00 monthly threshold, you can receive up to a 50% rebate on subscription fees with (up to a maximum £6.00 pcm)